Embark on Your Journey

Your path is beneath your feet. The time is now.

Carol Maker’s private practice is an artful and dynamic blend of training, experience, compassion, (sometimes irreverent) humor and insight. This private therapy for couples and individuals is designed to help you find and use your own inner courage to transform yourself and reach your potential.

The power of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) has shaped Carol’s private practice in Portland, Oregon. The vision for Inner Courage started with Carol’s hope to empower people around the world with EMDR therapy. Learn more about working with Carol at or call her at 503-341-HEAL (4325).

Carol Maker“ Inner Courage is the willingness to embark on a journey to the mystery of our emotional and spiritual depths. When a person undertakes this journey, wisdom and consciousness naturally grow, and the effects can ripple throughout families, communities and the planet.

Like many of my clients, I know my ongoing healing is doing my part to make a difference.”

– Carol Maker, LCSW, Founder of Inner Courage LLC

If you are unable to meet with Carol, you can search for an EMDR therapist who can assist you on EMDR Therapist NETWORK. Each of these therapists bring their training and personal commitment to assist you on your journey.