In Development

Inner Courage LLC, a Portland-based company committed to socially responsible endeavors. Each of our projects supports the concept that personal change leads to global change.


An all-new, mobile-accessible website will launch in early 2014! There will be several releases during 2014. EMDR Therapist NETWORK

What Is Traumatic?

For those individuals still unfamiliar with EMDR and searching for a trauma therapist, our database will be displayed on a new website geared for trauma and PTSD clients.

E-Courage – Inner Courage for a 2.0 World

E-Courage is a software tool that will allow consumers to better partner with their therapists by tracking their own data, current challenges and progress towards their goals. E-Courage provides uniquely robust versions for both clients and therapists.

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– Carol Maker, LCSW, Founder of Inner Courage LLC