What Is Inner Courage?

Inner Courage makes personal change extraordinary by connecting our healing to the enormous positive impact it has on the world.

This recognition of the power of personal change is the foundation of our company. Inner Courage LLC offers services to facilitate extraordinary personal change, rebuild lives and protect future generations. Inner Courage inspires everything we do.

Carol Maker LCSW, is the driving force behind Inner Courage.

Carol Maker“It takes courage to heal. I believe we must work together to make this world a place where the stigma of suffering is replaced with the inspiration to heal.

Each of us, through our own healing process, has the opportunity to transform our lives. Please join us in making our world a safer place to live and love.”

– Carol Maker, LCSW, Founder of Inner Courage LLC

OUR LOGO: The crane symbolizes a quest for self-knowledge; The moon symbolizes the journey to our emotional and spiritual depths.